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Vidrio Technologies launched in 2014 to provide software for imaging in brain science, mainly ScanImage® and related tools.

ScanImage® is widely used open-source software for laser scanning microscopy. ScanImage® supports imaging of large populations of individual neurons and allows drilling down to individual cells and synapses.

Vidrio is the Spanish word for “glass”. This reflects its origin as a spin-off from HHMI’s glass-encased Janelia Research Campus and its goal in providing a clear “window into the brain”.

What's Scanimage®?

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Our Team

Bruce E. Kimmel, PhD


Bruce received his PhD in biochemistry from U.C. Berkeley. He has managed science and software projects in the commercial, academic, and non-profit sectors. For example, Bruce has led projects on large-scale genome sequencing at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, drug development at Amgen and several technology efforts at HHMI/Janelia Research Campus. Bruce brings a track record of success in science, management, and biotechnology to Vidrio.

Georg Jaindl, MS

Systems Engineer

Georg received his MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Leoben, where he worked in machine vision and image processing. He joined Vidrio after three years as an Applications Engineer at National Instruments. Georg has particular expertise with programmable hardware using LabView FPGA.

Jacob Franklin, B.S.

Software and Support Engineer

Jacob received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University where he studied control systems, signal processing and robotics.  He joined Vidrio after working as a software engineer for an automotive cyber security startup.

Jonathan King, MS

Systems Engineer

Jonathan received his MS in mechanical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where he served as controls lead and Co-Team Leader of the award winning Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team. He joined Vidrio after working at National Instruments Corporation and Veraxx Engineering Corporation where he applied his versatile systems and software engineering skills.

Lawrence Niu, B.S.

Web Application and Hardware Engineer

Lawrence received his B.S. from the University of Maryland where he studied HCI, Web Development, and system-level languages.  He joined Vidrio in 2016 shortly after graduation.

Alan Liddell, PhD​​​​

​Senior Data Scientist

Alan received his PhD in computational mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.  He did his graduate work in numerical algebraic geometry, particularly in certifying various aspects of solution sets to systems of polynomial equations.  Alan generalizes in numerical methods of all kinds for solving interesting problems arising in engineering and science.

Scientific Advisors

Karel Svoboda, PhD

Scientific Adviser

Karel has used laser scanning since he was a graduate student in the early 90’s at Harvard. At Bell Labs he was the first to use two-photon laser scanning microscopy to image neural dynamics in vivo. His research continues to rely on a variety of optical measurements in behaving animals. Karel founded the open-source ScanImage® project in 2003 to enable cutting-edge brain imaging. Karel is a Vidrio founder and a Vidrio collaborator. He does not hold Vidrio shares nor does he receive consulting income from Vidrio.

Vijay Iyer, PhD

Scientific Adviser

Vijay received his PhD in electrical engineering from Rice University. He has worked on laser scanning microscopy for brain imaging for the last 15 years. He joined HHMI/Janelia Farm in 2006 and became the lead developer of ScanImage® in 2008. Vijay founded Vidrio to accelerate the development and support of software for advanced imaging experiments unraveling brain function.

Nathan Clack, PhD

Scientific Adviser

Nathan received his PhD in biophysics from U.C. Berkeley. Nathan is a computer scientist and biophysicist specializing in high-throughput imaging and analysis. His graduate and postdoctoral projects included DNA microarray technology, high-speed behavioral video analysis of mice, and high-speed two-photon microscopy for whole brain imaging.

Founding Members

Dr. Emre Aksay

Dr. Adam Carter

Dr. Daniel Dombeck

Dr. Anthony Holtmaat

Dr. Tara Keck

Dr. Kazuo Kitamura

Dr. Daniel O'Connor

Dr. Leopoldo Petreanu

Dr. Massimo Scanziani

Dr. David Tank

Dr. Matteo Carandini

Dr. Eugenia Chiappe

Dr. Christopher Harvey

Dr. Daniel Huber

Dr. Jason Kerr

Dr. Michael Long

Dr. Carl Petersen

Dr. Carlos Portera-Cailliau

Drs. C. Schaffer & N. Nishimura

Dr. Rafael Yuste​



Want to be part of a revolution in brain research?

Do you have expertise in programming in Matlab, C/C++, or LabView FPGA? Do you have experience in experimental data acquisition and/or microscopy automation? Vidrio is continually looking for talented new team members. Vidrio offers competitive salaries, benefits, and an exciting, dynamic work environment. Please send resumes or CVs to careers@vidriotech.com.

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