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Support for vDAQ
Resonant-Galvo frame scanning
Linear (Galvo-Galvo) frame scanning
Resonant scanning: Synchronization to laser clock
Resonant scanning: Support for Photon Counting Modules
Stage control
Beam power control
Selective power delivery using power box feature
Stack acquisition using the stage
Stack acquisition using a fast focusing device (ETL, Piezo)
Scriptability in Matlab, extensibility via user functions
Source code access
Big Tiff File Creation
Machine Data File Configuration User Interface
FastZ-actuator tuning
Live histogram
Custom power depth adjustment profiles
Independent Z-control for multiple scanners
Integration with the Electrophysiology package WaveSurfer
Offline data viewer
Online 3D Motion Correction
Oscilloscope Mode for Noise Analysis
Live motor position update in GUI (for selected stages)
Simplified stack controls for an improved user experience
More powerful configuration editor
Device widgets
Reworked Beams system
Reworked FastZ system
Support for PicoQuant FLIM Systems
Multiple region of interest (mROI) scanning
Online analysis (ROI Integration)
Perspective alignment between multiple scanner
Alignment of scanners and stage
Simultaneous imaging and photo stimulation
Arbitrary line scanning using two galvos
Command Waveform Optimization
Support for 2P mesoscope
SLM support for targeted photostimulation
Photon Counting with high speed digitizer
3-Photon Imaging
Acquistion Gating for low rep rate Lasers
Camera Support for Widefield Alignment
SLM Diffraction Efficiency Calibration
ScanImage Remote Control
3D Shot holographic targeting workflow
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“Scanimage is extremely stable”

Scanimage is extremely stable, allowing us to image for hours without bugs or crashes and the user interface is intuitive but still provides detailed control over acquisition parameters.

Dan Wilson


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