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Vidrio offers cutting-edge software, hardware, and consulting services for two-photon laser-scanning microscopy for both home-built and commercial microscope hardware.


The most advanced software for controlling 2P laser scanning microscopes.

RMR Scanner

Vidrio's Rapid Multi-Region Scanner (RMR) combines the flexibility of galvo mirrors with the speed of resonant scanning. The scanner is fully compatible with ScanImage's powerful scanning modes. The flexible mounting options allow installation on a Thorlabs BScope, a Sutter MOM and DIY microscopes.


Vidrio's Data Acquisition Card is a next generation all in one controller for your microscope. It controls Galvos, Pockels Cells, Fast Z  devices, shuttes and much more.

Vidrio Acquistion Syste

Optimized ​​Acquisition Systems

Blazing fast systems optimized for ScanImage.


Need ScanImage customization or software development to enable your cutting-edge research? We can do it for you.

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We’re a National Instruments Reseller. We honor your Academic Discount.

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