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Update to get the latest ScanImage® features

Take advantage of the smart new features like in vivo galvo and resonant scanning, volume imaging, Arbitrary line scanning using two galvos, Simultaneous imaging and photo stimulation, and much more. New features to the ScanImage® premium version:

  • Support for arbitrary line scanning
  • Motion correction for photostimulation
  • Online analysis (Roi integration)
  • Motor alignment
  • Optimization and caching of waveform AO's
  • SLM support for targeted photostimulation
  • Independent Z-control for parallel scanners
  • Scanner command waveform optimization
  • Full affine alignment between scanners
  • Roi Integration optimization

Over 2 million lines of new code


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of scanners does the premium version of ScanImage® support?

The premium version of ScanImage® supports Galvo/Galvo (GG), Resonant/Galvo (RG) and Resonant/Galvo/Galvo (RGG) scanner combinations. The premium version also supports dual path scanner control for applications like simultaneous imaging and optogentics. With a bit of customization, ScanImage® can support almost any scanner combination you can dream up. You can read more about supported scanhead hardware for both free and premium versions here.

What is the source of the pattern noise I’m seeing in my image?

There is a certain amount of noise introduced into the system by the PMT power supply that will always be there. This is ok if the noise is low (as illustrated in plot graphs, between -10 and 10), and your image signal values are well above this noise value. Try changing the voltage on the PMT power supply and observe what happens.

Why is part of my image duplicated on the edge of the field of view?

The image below shows a partial duplication along the edge.  This issue results from not having the scan phase adjusted for the either linear galvo or resonant scanners.  To correct this issue simply perform an auto adjust operation using the configuration window of ScanImage®.  First, you must turn on bidirectional scanning by checking the bidirectional scanning box in the configuration window.  Then simply click the "auto adjust" button in the same window.  Additional fine tuning adjustment can be achieved with the slider.  

How does ScanImage® form an image when a resonant scan system is used?

ScanImage uses the National Instruments FlexRIO FPGA platform to bin data into pixels. You can learn more about resonant scanning image formation here.

Why do I have to have two separate DAQ boards for my Pockels cell and my FastZ piezo?

Pockels cell and FastZ control require different timing signals as illustrated in this figure. Although National Instruments DAQ cards have multiple analogue output channels, they have the limitation that each channel must have the same timing a trigger periods. Because FastZ and Pockels cell control require different timing, and triggering events, they must be controlled by different National Instrument DAQ cards.

What is the difference between the free and premium version of ScanImage®?

This table highlights the differences between the ScanImage® versions.

Can I use my old National Instruments hardware with newer ScanImage® versions?

Free and premium ScanImage® (versions 5.2/2016 and newer) support the NI-PCIe 6110 card for data acquisition and galvo control. NI-6321 PCIe cards are also supported for FastZ and Pockels cell control.

Support Topics

Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running. Find guides for implementation, terminologies and integration paths.

Best Scripting Practices

Our best practices outlined for integrating with ScanImage’s® API and building your own custom functions.

Wiring Guide

Find out how to wire your linear or resonant scanning system.

GUI Reference Guide

Our documentation of the user interface is extensive providing you with the information you need.  

Supported Hardware

See if your hardware is on the list that ScanImage® supports.  Don't see yours on the list?  Ask us to help you write a driver.

Upgrading ScanImage®

ScanImage® is more stable and feature packed then ever.  It is easy to upgrade and we support your current hardware.

Scanner Alignment Concepts

If you have two scan paths you need to align them.  Watch this tutorial video to see how to do it.

Triggering and Synchronization

ScanImage® has flexible and powerful synchronization and triggering capabilities.  Get in sync with your experiments.

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