Rapid Multi Region Scanner

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Vidrio's Rapid Multi Region  (RMR) Scanner combines the flexibility of galvo mirrors with the speed of resonant scanning. Its novel design combines two galvo and one resonant mirror into one compact device. The scanner is fully compatible with ScanImage's® powerful scanning modes. The flexible mounting options allow installation on a Thorlabs BScope, a Sutter MOM and DIY microscopes.


Rapid Multiple Region Scanning

Combine the speed of resonant raster scanning with the flexibility of galvo scanning. By selecting regions of interest, no time is wasted in empty areas of the field of view. ScanImage's intuitive mROI feature makes it easy to define regions in 2D or 3D.

Arbitrary Line Scanning

Use the galvo pair to sample individual neurons along a predefined scan path. ScanImage's powerful arbitrary line scanning feature allows to quickly define 3 dimensional paths and automatically optimizes the transition between features for maximum speed.


Use either a resonant raster scan and selectively increase the power in selected regions using ScanImage's Power Box Feature, or use the Photostimulation Feature to rapidly stimulate neurons in sequence.

Microscope Compatibility

Technical Specifications

  • check
    2x Cambridge galvo 6215H mirrors
  • Cambridge resonant mirror 8kHz
  • Group delay dispersion < 1000fs^2
  • FOV: 20 degree optical
  • check
    Suitable for a laser beam diameter up to 4mm
  • check
    30mm cage mountable
  • Controller Box included

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