ScanImage version 2021

ScanImage® is the most advanced software package for controlling two-photon laser-scanning microscopes. Whether your lab uses custom-built microscopes or commercial systems from Scientifica, Sutter, Prospective Instruments or Thorlabs, ScanImage software paired with our vDAQ™ data acquisition card, helps you make the most of your microscope system. ScanImage is used by over 350 laboratories throughout the world and cited in over 900 research papers to date. 

ScanImage version 2021 software includes new and improved capabilities that make it easier than ever to get the most from your laser-scanning microscope. We are always working to improve ScanImage software; this continuous development process, supported through rigorous testing, helps ensure that ScanImage software is robust and reliable. And, expert technical support is always available should you need it.

You'll see new and improved capabilities with this update, including:

New Tiling Tool to Manage Image Acquisition of your Large Sample

Get the whole picture using the new Tiling Tool in ScanImage version 2021 software.

Equipped with a suite of tools to enable mosaic-style imaging, Tiling offers a streamlined method for defining the areas of your specimen to image.

Control your Zaber Stage by Dragging your Mouse

For microscopes equipped with a Zaber motorized stage, it’s easier than ever to navigate your specimen. Simply drag the live-camera image with your mouse to move the stage.

If you have a different brand of motorized stage, ScanImage software still includes convenient arrow buttons that move the stage in a stepwise manner. 

Support for Motorized Half-Wave Plates

The Resource Configuration window includes a new option to configure a motorized half-wave plate that is used to help modulate beam power while imaging. Once configured, the plate can be enabled or disabled during scanning.

Support for the Scientifica HoloStim-3D Microscope Module

Investigate neuronal circuits with 3D precision using the new Scientifica HoloStim-3D module for the HyperScope multiphoton imaging instrument.

ScanImage software is required to control the HoloStim-3D + HyperScope spatial light modulator (SLM) system—it provides a familiar interface and straightforward workflows to help you perform more complex photostimulation experiments than are possible with previous technologies.

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“ScanImage is extremely stable”

ScanImage is extremely stable, allowing us to image for hours without bugs or crashes, and the user interface is intuitive but still provides detailed control over acquisition parameters.

Dan wilson

Harvard Medical School

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