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#1 The most advanced software
for controlling 2P Laser Scanning Microscopes


Don’t let the microscope control you!

Amazing Features

Now with simultaneous imaging and photostimulation fully integrated. Adds
motion correct, online analysis, arbitrary line scanning and much more!

Parallel Scan Paths

Simultaneous imaging and photostimulation. Each scanner path has its own field of view. Resonant and galvo scanner support.

Dedicated Support

Email support at with your issue and we will help you solve it within 48 business day hours.  Our knowledgeable engineers can help you with scripting, tutorials and even help trouble shoot your microscope.

Very Customizable

The ScanImage scripting interface and API is rich and allows you to automate almost every aspect of microscopy that you can conceive of.  Even on-line analysis.  We know you don't want to get boxed in by black box hardware so ScanImage supports a wide array of hardware that allows you to upgrade your scope when and how you want.

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We do More Than Just ScanImage

When you want to do something that's never been done before, we can help. When you have a challenge, we're ready to solve it with you.


The most advanced microscope control software available.

RMR Scanner​​​

Vidrio's Rapid Multi-Region Scanner (RMR) combines the flexibility of galvo mirrors with the speed of resonant scanning. The scanner is fully compatible with ScanImage's powerful scanning modes. The flexible mounting options allow installation on a Thorlabs BScope, a Sutter MOM and DIY microscopes.



Vidrio's Data Acquisition Card is a next generation all in one controller for your microscope. It controls Galvos, Pockels Cells, Fast Z  devices, shuttes and much more.

Vidrio Acquistion Syste

Optimized Acquisition Systems

Blazing fast and optimized for ScanImage.


Custom Coding

Need ScanImage customization or software development? We can do it for you.

Premium Support

Amazing support. We are invested in the success of every lab using our software.

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Vidrio Technologies is now part of the MBF Bioscience Family

Vidrio Technologies is now part of the MBF Bioscience Family

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Mesoscale Imaging with ScanImage

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Spatial Light Modulator Features Now Available in ScanImage

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