ScanImage Optimized Hardware Bundles

Let us help you configure a system that meets your research needs.

Whether it's adding Fast-Z to your microscope or building a cutting edge dual laser path imaging and optogenetic system, Vidrio offers hardware that will meet your needs. Don't get boxed in by inflexible hardware that limits what you can do with your microscope.

Don't get boxed in by your hardware!


  • ScanImage hardware bundles can be easily expanded or upgraded.
  • The bundles are configured from a Vidrio vDAQ or off-the-shelf National Instruments hardware.
  • Hardware is readily available with short lead times.  We can usually ship in the same week you order.
  • Our hardware bundles have excellent performance, are very reliable and fully tested with ScanImage before we ship.
  • ScanImage hardware bundles are future proof. 


Full Rack Mount Systems

Optimized ​Acquisition Systems

We can develop a customized package to solve almost any system requirement you have.

Contact us today for a hardware quote.

National Instruments Hardware Bundles

Color Customized