Live Histograms: Better Results without the Guesswork

ScanImage now brings live histograms to in vivo imaging

Researchers familiar with in vivo imaging experiments can appreciate the need for accuracy and efficiency once a subject is prepped and ready to go. ScanImage’s live histogram feature allows for online control and optimization of the optical signal through an intuitive and responsive graphic user interface. The experimenter can dynamically tweak parameters, such as excitation power, excitation wavelength, and fluorescent detector pathway gain and then watch the effect on the signal in real-time.

The feature includes:

Intuitive Real-Time Settings Adjustments


Video ScanImage’s live histogram function features a graphic user interface that lets the researcher fine tune parameters using the computer mouse. Take a look at this feature in action in the video to the left.

Real-Time ROI adjustments

The live histogram was built to work seamlessly with ScanImage’s multiple region of interest feature. After choosing the ROI, a researcher can view the inherent signal in the field almost instantly, and any tweaks propagate to live updates of the histogram.

Multiple Histogram View for Z-Stacks

When taking a z-stack, signal decreases the deeper you go in the sample. Multiple parameters must adjust accordingly in order to optimize the signal at each depth. The live histogram feature in ScanImage 2016 allows the user to view separate live histograms for each z-slice during an acquisition, making it easy to fine tune parameters as you go.

How to Get It

The live histogram feature is included with ScanImage 2016. At Vidrio technologies, we are committed to bringing cutting edge advancements to the hands of researchers via open source technology and responsive support.  For more information about the live histogram feature, or any feature of our ScanImage systems, drop us a line here.  We welcome your questions and feedback.

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